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For any car, especially Buick's, they're considered an investment - one that a person doesn't just toss around and destroy. The type of car accessories are typically divided up into two, easy to understand categories; the kind that improve the look of your car, and the kind that improve your car's appearance.

Accessories for Improvement

These Buick car accessories are usually exterior, or interior as in the gears and the engine of the car. Most of these kind of accessories are done by professional car mechanics, and the purpose for these are to help improvement. They can adjust the engine so that the Buick can hit a higher speed, for example.

Accessories for Appearance

The buick accessories that are for appearance are the more popular route for the average driver. They can be bought at a majority of car stores, and are easily put into the car by a novice driver. These accessories are meant to help protect the car from damage, and keep it looking as good as the day it was bought. These accessories can be divided up into four groups; steering wheel, cargo, floor, and dashboard.

The steering wheel accessories are simply slips to put over the steering wheel to protect it, either from the sun's heat or from any accidental damage. The cargo accessories are meant to be a place mat for items you would store in the cargo area, to keep them in place and to keep the cargo area from getting dirty or ruined. The floor accessories are floor protectors for your Buick so that dirt and mud, and any other nature can be cleaned up easily. Finally dashboard accessories are to keep the dashboard clean, keep it from heating up and to keep it in quality condition over time. 

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